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Wanna' see a funny video about all my Muppet stuff? The Muppet Mindset did, and we hope you do to!…
FIRST I want to say a huge "thank you" to the beautiful anonymous soul who gave me a Premium Membership. Thank you, thank you, thank you. May karma bless you back ten–fold.

Next, whether or not you make New Year's resolutions, go check out all the Muppet–y resolutions on Tough Pigs, including one from yours truly!…

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My website is finally online! Please go check it out!

You can become a fan on Facebook too!!/pa…
A week ago, I did a video review for the Muppet Mindset about the new virtual Muppet merchandise on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. You should go watch it! :D…
Like most people, I dream every night, but this week seems to be one of those Googolplex Theater super weeks where I have TONS of crazy dreams! Sometimes they're scary, sometimes they're fun, sometimes they're just meh, but they're always so vivid and so real.

Do you dream a lot at night? Do you think dreams mean anything? Are you one of those weirdo people who never dream? What's the coolest/craziest/scariest dream you ever had?

Last night I dreamed I had super powers which came at a very helpful moment, because at the time, a monster was trying to kill me! Fortunately I beat his ass and sent him packin' before Homer Simpson and I went for a drive.

And if you haven't yet, answer my dream poll too!…
Sorry, but I'm drunk and in a bad mood and will now give a short list of things I hate.


Feel free to comment and make me realize this was a dumb idea in the morning.
Ever notice how true that old adage, "when it rains it pours"? Not that I'm complaining, but when things happen, bad or good, it's usually ALL at once. Are you having one of those weeks? Have you ever? Share!
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I've been feeling generous lately, and admittedly have been donating points to certain Deviants who have started donation pools on their page. As a result, others have actually started requesting I donate points to them. So I thought I'd tell you what inspires ME to give points, and quite possibly might get others to donate to you also!

RULE # 1
Don't directly ask me for points. It's a major turn off, and I will automatically deny someone points for asking. Don't send me a personal note, and definitely don't ask on my wall. I gave points one time to someone this way, and only because I really liked their gallery. Besides, asking me feels intrusive, because all the Deviants are people I've never seen before! People on my friends list will get points before strangers. Now that's not to say a journal post about having started a donation pool and what it's for is inappropriate, but I'll get to that later. Just remember, looking a gift horse in the mouth is not proper etiquette.

RULE # 2
Give me something in return! And not a llama. In fact, a llama should be automatic. No, if you want points, you're going to have to earn them. Favorite some of my stuff, and comment on it too, answer a poll, comment on a journal, maybe say a little "hello" on my wall. We're talking a transaction of money here! Kissing ass is a sure fire way to get you what you want. Flattery will get you everywhere! Believe me. It's nice to know you stopped by my gallery and maybe even enjoyed something there.

Make sure you say on your pool what you want the points for. A premium membership, some Deviant wear, order a print, create a super group, create a prize for a contest, a lottery, to donate back to other Deviants, exchange them for llamas... there are millions of reasons, but you need to give one. Don't just say "I want points!" Remember rule # 1? Now granted, I may not want to donate to your particular cause, but that doesn't mean others won't. If you specify what you want with a little charm, chances are you'll get it.

Make sure your page looks nice and tight. Make sure your art is featured prominently next to your pool so we can see the great cause our hard earned money is going to! Sometimes some of these journal skins are a bit overwhelming and crowd your page too much to get an idea of who "you" are. Let your art speak for you! It makes the donation more personal and sweet.

• It's all how you present yourself. Sometimes how you word your requests alone is enough to get me to donate to your pool. I once read someone's reason that I should donate points was "instant good karma". That sold me! You're an artist on DeviantArt! Be creative when you tell me what you want points for, it might be the sole reason why I donate!

• Like I said, I want something in return, so saying something like donating 5 points will mean you fav something. 10 points you'll fav 2 things. 50 points you'll DevWatch. 100 points and you'll do a feature in your next journal. Maybe you can even do a commission for so many points. Be realistic though. Don't say you'll fav something only after 200 points. Start low, and make the big donations worth it. I guarantee this will attract donations.

• It should go without saying, but please and thank you go a long way. "Please" when you create the pool and explain why it's there. "Thank you" after you get the donation. Even if it's just 1 point. All you have to do is copy and paste:

"Thank you so much for your donation. I really appreciate it!"

I'm a little shocked and appalled how many people have NOT thanked me after I donated points. Maybe you got me this time, but the next time you want my points and you didn't say thanks the last time, you're not getting anything next time. Conversely, if you sincerely did thank me, I'll be more inclined to donate again next time, and even more generously!

So I hope this helps, and I hope all your DA dreams come true. :D
In the grand scheme of life, things are good, but we all have those little things that get under our skin to a point where just bitching and whining about it are therapeutic enough to fix it all. I've heard one too many horror stories of people getting in trouble at work or with friends and family because they took a moment like this to express some dissatisfaction on their FaceBook page. I made the bad choice of using my real name as my user name here on DA, so I'm hesitant to talk ill of anyone or anyplace here either. What's a guy to do! :P

So when you want to go where everybody knows you, but no one will find out, what do YOU do?
Thank you to everyone who responded, and now: Here's some awesome art from some of DA's finest! :community:

:spotlight-left: :iconzackkattackk843: :pointr: :thumb163942389: :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :iconprairiecrow: :pointr: Minoan Medusa by prairiecrow :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :icon30-noir: :pointr: sealion by 30-noir :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :iconprototype66: :pointr: Firestar Sketch Card by Prototype66 :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :iconperriwinkleblu13: :pointr: Gentlemen's Alliance Cross by perriwinkleblu13 :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :icondark-kunor: :pointr: Tree of Wisdom by Dark-kunor :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :iconmightyfilm: :pointr: Assorted Mixed Muppets by mightyfilm :spotlight-right:
:spotlight-left: :iconrumtar: :pointr: Kabrina by Rumtar :spotlight-right:

Now go look through the REST of their gallery! :sprint:
So I have been inspired by :iconmareishon: and her generous feature journal she just did.… And now I want to do the same!

The first 15 people to comment on here just need to paste the thumbshare code to a piece they want to show off, and I will feature it in my next journal post! It may not be much, but I just wanna' spread the love. :hug:

In the mean time, you need to check out :iconmareishon: gallery :gallery: because it's super awesome. These are just a FEW of my favorite pieces from there:

.Lady and the Tramp. by Mareishon Zazu by Mareishon Wonderland by Mareishon Sponge Bob and Patrick by Mareishon Joke's on You Color by Mareishon
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I'm a big fan of Frank Cho's "Liberty Meadows" comic, and everything else he does. I just finished re-reading his "Shanna The She-Devil" miniseries. Anyway, about three years ago, I came across the first issue of "Zombie King" written and illustrated by Mr. Cho in the ¢25 bin at a comic con, and I loved it. It seems to have come out around 2005 from Image. Unfortunately, from what I can find out, this was the only issue ever done of this series. The website is now defunct, and a quick Google search doesn't reveal anything. Is anyone familliar with this series and why it didn't take off?
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I has teh Ninja Llama! Thank you to everyone who gave me a llama. And remember, while I give out lots of llamas just because I care, I will ALWAYS give one back to whoever gives me one first. :D 1,009 Badges sent, 509 Badges received

Ninja Llama by dhulteen

Also, I always wanted to start a meme. I lurk on 4Chan, eBaums, Cheezburger network, and dozens of others; and I think, "Hey, I want to make a short lived but popular meme!" So here's my latest attempt. Please check it out and pass it along! With any luck, it will go viral, I'll remain anonymous, but it will make millions smile.

Good Times by dhulteen

Oh yeah, and Corey Feldman rules.
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I'm a little late to this party, but these little guys are a great way to show some DA love! I'll gladly give a llama to whoever gives me one!
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Coming soon! Go check it out now!
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I just bought my first domain name! And with any luck, a lot of help, and a prayer; will be up soon! Woo-hoo!
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Aside from general complaining and non sequiturs, I really just wanted to have an updated journal entry. I'm working on a new Star Wars comic, the government decided they need to regulate how often I need an eye exam, and they jacked me for 4 grand of my tax return. Like everyone else, I'm sick of winter and can't wait for summer, but I need a little more time to drop some more pounds. What can I say? I'm a dork.
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I'll be posting stuff here soon, but you can now see some new Muppet art I've done at ToughPigs!…
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I'm drawing more and I lost 18 pounds! As far as some art to show, you'll have to wait a week or two because I'm creating a new gallery for again. Stay tuned though for some fun with Bert and Ernie!
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